Call of Duty: Black Ops releases new game play campaign trailer (Video Included inside)

October 13, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

We love Call f Duty: Black Ops even before it is even out and still a long way away. If it is going to be a lot better than Medal of Honor and ‘the best PC game ever’ as Treyarch put it earlier, then we just cannot wait for November 9 when the game comes out on Xbox 360, Wii and PS 3. This promises to be an absolute knock out with 3D incorporated and the trailers have already got expectations swollen beyond sanity. Here is the latest campaign trailer of Black Ops… Enjoy.

There is no doubt that Black Ops is a multi-player dream and with the story being set during the Cold War in various global hot spots, including SE Asia and the Urals Mountains, Black Ops tells the secret history of the battles that took the world to the brink of a final catastrophic global war. Of course, all this happened unknown to pubic.

So the story has been done to death in various forms, but the way it will be told and presented at a multi-player gamer level is what will make Black Ops irresistible. So, watch the trailer, pre0order and wait for the D-Day and if you are a PC gamer, then all the more better indeed…

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