Bing Launches Facebook Instant Personalization in Search: Do you trust Microsoft with your privacy? (Demo Video inside)

October 13, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

So do you trust Microsoft with your sensitive personal data that you would otherwise be willing to share on Facebook and will integrating the new ‘search’ feature on Facebook into your profile mean sharing your preferences with one of world’s leading software company? In simple sense, is Bing on Facebook the ultimate privacy nightmare? Obviously Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft will say otherwise, but can that be believed?

It is official and Bing is indeed now available on Facebook. This personalized search engine apparently gives out search results based on your profile and preferences on Facebook. The Bing tab on your Facebook can give you search results both for what you are looking on net and even Facebook buddies that you might be searching.

So how is it a batter search engine? Simple… If you live in San Francisco and want a movie search it displays top results that are relevant to your location and even tastes and preferences that you have previously mentioned on Facebook. If someone in London wants to meet his friend named John Lennon (it’s possible!) on Facebook, it shows results for the one you are looking for based on your background rather than the celeb.

To do that obviously Microsoft’s Bing needs to tap into your Facebook account and info and that could make many real uncomfortable. Giving private data to Microsoft is definitely not on our agenda. For now watch the demo video and decide for yourself if Bing is worth the privacy scarifice!

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