An early review of Sony Google TV along with release date, price and availability: New era in Internet-TV!

October 13, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

We were waiting for it and it arrived in the same week as the highly-hyped Windows Phone 7 OS and while Microsoft is readying itself to take on Apple and Google on the mobile OS front, Google is expanding itself with the fabulous Sony Google HDTV line-up and our very first impression of it is that it makes an honest attempt at integrating internet with television, but tries to give viewers greater choice.

Taking a quick look at the HDTV line-up, Google TV comes in 24-inch, 32-inch, 40-inch and 46-inch sizes and their prices will vary from $599 to $1,399 along with the set-top box costing you $399 and while the 24-inch model is CCFL backlit LCD, all others offer edge LED lighting.

The talking point though has been the ‘Playstation-styled’ remote which is an absolute winner when it comes to both look and ease of handling. On to the way Google TV actually performs, the search box integrated into the service providers’ content right on top of your set is both ergonomic and very useful.

Just key in your program title and every little detail is given by the Google search box while your TV viewing experience is still undisturbed. Again, this is a wonderful attempt by Google to integrate web experience with television viewing. Of course, the little lag here is that what you DVR does not show up in search results- yup, a hardware issue that Google needs to sort out.

The other cool aspect of Google TV is the way you can integrate your Android phone with it and use it as a remote and a lot more. This again is an obvious attempt by Google to ‘self-promote’ in a subtle fashion. (Not that, that is bad!) The UI might still need a bit of tweaking to make it simpler and more convenient in future though.

Sony’ Google TV will be available in Sony Style Outlets by this weekend and in Best Buy stores by October 24. The hope is still that Google TV will ensure that one day we can do away with the Xbox, PS and other gaming consoles and use just the HDTV for gaming, internet and television experience. Thumbs up for Sony Google TV at this point…

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