Xbox Live for Windows Phone 7: Still some way to go before you can show off your Halo: Reach exploits on your mobile!

October 12, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Windows Phone 7 Launch event saw quite a lot happening at a pretty blurry pace and it might take a few more days before we actually take in the whole thing and put Windows Phone 7 in perspective. But we are picking off the OS bit by bit and the first look at its Xbox Live feature makes you both excited and a little impatient at the same time!

For starters let us take a look at the positives Microsoft has incorporated some pretty cool games into WP7 such as EA’s The Sims 3, Need for Speed, Rocket Riot and the long-awaited The Harvest. But that does not mean all is smooth on the Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live front. The interface is really slow and makes you wait for minutes before the game actually loads.

Considering there is no multitasking on offer while the loading is on, this is an absolute pain. There also seem to be some disparity between your phone scores and actual Xbox 360 scores. Yes, they do all add up, but it is not straightforward when it comes to viewing the credits. You will have to keep digging.

So in case you felt that now your Smartphone could be a substitute to Xbox, then we are still a long way away from there. Hooked on Halo: Reach? Better stick to the Xbox console for now!

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