Windows Phone 7 vs iPhone 4 vs Droid X & HTC Desire HD: Battle for Smartphone Supremacy Begins. Fight!

October 12, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

So how do the Smartphone handsets from the three big guns actually fair when you just take a glance from the outside? In the battle between Windows Phone 7, Apple’s iPhone and the Android-based Droid X & HTC Desire HD, who wins and who is left behind? There may not be a straight-forward and simple contest, but the battle has begun and it will surely be a fight worth witnessing over the next year or so…

The Windows Phone 7 has several smartphones lined up and it probably has the biggest fleet set to take on the established Apple and Google. The six new Windows Phone 7 devices due out next month all run on a 1GHz processor with LG Quantum and the Samsung Focus having 256MB of RAM, while the Dell Venue Pro has 512MB, HTC fleet having 576MB RAM.

The screen sizes of Windows Phone 7 devices vary from 3.5-inches to 4.3-inches and hence offer wide variety; something that obviously the iPhone does not offer. Android-based mobiles do offer some variety, but with HTC Desire HD and Droid X being such showstoppers, it would be hard to look beyond.

When it comes to camera though all Windows Phone 7 handsets have 5 Megapixel camera; something that remains constant even with iPhone 4 and many android handsets. WP7 devices also lack HDMI slot, an ability to act as Wi-Fi hotspot and Adobe Flash Support- all present in Droid X.

In short, Windows Phone 7offers variety that might tempt users to shift from their existing Apple or Android loyalty and try out Microsoft. But unless WP7 offers a lot more in coming times, it might find it hard to compete with both iPhone 4 or handsets like Droid X and HTC Desire HD.

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