Verizon iPhone 5 may not support 4G LTE speeds: Is iPhone 4 on 3G better?

October 12, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

It seems these days that the line between what will be iPhone 5 and Verizon iPhone 4 is becoming more and more blurry with each passing day. We do not know for sure what Apple has in store for everyone, but there is little doubt that one would be very disappointed if iPhone 5 ends up being just the iPhone 4 with a few tweaks here and there; especially Verizon customers.

Now the news is that the iPhone that will come out on Verizon by first quarter next year (As the reports indicate) will not come with support for Verizon’s new LTE network. If this is true, then it is an absolute shocker as we were eagerly awaiting the 4G LTE on iPhone and basically were coaxed to believe that the reason for the network becoming active next year was largely for the handset.

We still believe that Verizon will unveil the iPhone 4 at CES 2011 with only 3GS and then wait till last quarter of 2011 to bring out iPhone 5 that will support 4G LTE. This way everyone is left happy; or so we believe!

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