Apple iPad 2 Speculation on Release Date, Specs & Price

October 12, 2010, By Atul Roach

With the Apple iPad now a sales success, the experts from around the globe are pondering over the features of the next generation Apple iPad 2. The picture is pretty hazy at the moment and there is nothing which can be precisely mentioned, but there are a number of interesting rumors which can keep the Apple tablet fanatics interested.

The first one is that the iPad 2 will definitely come with a front-facing camera as the Face Time is a guaranteed app for the iOS 4. Another feature from the iPhone 4 territory could be the retina display although that will require the iPad 2 to come with a more powerful processor and a more juiced up battery.

Talking about the screen-size, the most probable option for iPad 2 will be a 7-inch display as most of the competing tablets adore that size. Apple will be thinking about the tablet weight as well and if that is a consideration, Cupertino will have to prevail with the seven-inch option.

Regarding the processor, Apple iPad 2.0 may share this trait with the PlayBook from Blackberry. iPad 2 will ‘most probably’ run on ARM’s Cortex A9, the 1GHz clocking dual-core processor. The only certainty for the Apple iPad 2 will be wireless printing and that can be affirmed courtesy of the iOS November update.

And since Apple is still enjoying a sturdy sales success for the first version iPad, there is no reason why Apple will unveil iPad 2 before the Spring of 2011.

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