Palm Pre 2 details and specs leaked out: World gets its first look!

October 12, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

So there is so much Windows Phone 7 news around that we thought maybe some Pal news might serve you with enough variety and give you a break from the monotony. The new is all the more significant as it gives us the very first look at the Palm Pre 2; something that should interest all those waiting too see the improvements made by Palm.

The Pre 2 comes out with Web OS 2 and more importantly a look and feel that makes one feel a lot secure about how well-protected it is. The problematic MicroUSB door has been disposed off; the edges sport a glossy Matte finish and the Pre 2 as a whole looks like it can handle wear and tear a lot better than the ones that came earlier.

On the tech side there is the ‘Push’ functionality for Facebook for sure, but we are hoping it is extended to a broader base of applications while initial reports indicate a much-improved battery life as well. Multitasking apparently ahs become faster, but we cannot vouch for that till we actually get our hands on the interface.

The pricing and release date for Palm Pre 2 are not out yet, but we will keep you posted on those details the moment we get a sniff…

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