Newspaper Templates for Microsoft Word 2010

October 12, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Microsoft Word’s flexibility is considerable – one minute you can be writing a novel, the next designing flyers, printing tickets or event working on your own newspaper!

Of course, each of these uses requires formatting – either manually or by means of a template. Thanks to Office Online, Microsoft Word comes with a variety of templates, including some useful ones for making your own newsletters. Sadly there are none for making a newspaper.

Newspaper templates are distinct from newsletter templates in that they are intended to look like popular daily newspapers, either tabloid or broadsheet. By contrast, a newsletter template is designed to be slightly more personal and represent a group or association.

Finding Newspaper Templates for Word 2010

The lack of suitable templates in Office Online should not deter you, however. Several newspaper templates are available online, and these can easily be downloaded and used in Word 2010.

Two great links are: – here you can download front, middle and back pages for a tabloid-style newspaper – this site provides 6 free templates that skirt the fine line between newspaper and newsletter.

To use these templates, simply visit the websites and click on the links to download. The tabloid samples are downloaded as .DOT template files for Word; meanwhile the templates from are in .ZIP format, and will need extracting. These ZIP files include templates for “classic Word” (1997-2003) as well as the more recent file formats used in Word 2007 and 2010.

Once downloaded and opened in Word simply select text areas to delete the sample text and add your own.

Building a Newspaper Format in Word 2010

As an alternative to downloading a newspaper template for Word, you might choose to format an already-prepared document. A newspaper format can be built in Word 2010 by splitting sections of text into columns, adding images and using the text box tool to insert a newspaper “banner”.

To do this, first open your document in Word 2010 and find the Page Layout tab. Find a section of text which you wish to spit into columns, and use the Columns tool to select up to three columns. You might also use the Columns tool to select a two column layout in which the left or right column is much wider than the other. Finally the More Columns… option allows you to insert more than the standard 3 columns while also altering the gutter width (the gap between columns).

Add images into your newspaper document by using going to the Insert tab and using either the Picture or Clip Art menu item. Once your image is inserted, the Picture Tools Format tab will be activated – select Position > With Text Wrapping in order to achieve the desired alignment and word-wrapping.

You can create a banner title for your newspaper document by using the Text Box tool on the Insert tab. Simply create the box – probably to the full width of the page – and then type in your newspaper title. Use the Picture Tools Format tab to access the Shape Styles and WordArt Styles that you might apply to this as well as the basic font size and background colours.

Finally, add page numbers to your newspaper with the Page Number tool on the Insert tab.

Your newspaper built to your own design is now complete – you can save it, print it or even save it as a template for use again!

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