New Halo Reach Helmets and Chest Pieces Found

October 12, 2010, By Christian Davis

With the recent release of all the Halo Reach Ranks, the next inevitable question was, was kind of customization would we be seeing. Well, you’re answers are here. In that very copy of Halo Reach that you’re playing right now, you can access these new additions. Here’s how.

First, you have to reach the ranking of  Lt. Colonel Grade 3. Afterwards, continue to play the game for a day or two until you would have reached the next ranking, which would be Commander. Disconnect from Xbox Live but keep your profile signed in(unplug your adapter or disconnect you ethernet cord).

When offline, it even shows the rank Commander as your current level. Then proceed to the Armory and look at some of the new items they have available to you. You’ll see a few chest pieces(one of which is Emiles), Caters Helmet and Emile’s Helmet as well. It’s not too much, but it’s cool to see that we have the entire Noble team’s helmets and hopefully more suits for the Elites.

The rest of the images are below and Carters Helmet is above.

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