Motorola Droid Terminator Arriving Early 2011; Specs Include Android 3.0, Tegra II & Dual Core Processors

October 12, 2010, By Atul Roach

Motorola is in the mood to maul all of the Android goodness of the present generation smartphones by readying a Droid X successor which will be dubbed the Motorola Terminator. It sure will be the terminator for current generation of Android smartphones considering its probable spec sheet.

Motorola actually intends to ready a smartphone for the Android Gingerbread (version 3.0) platform and in the mix, it wishes to throw in integrations like the Nvidia Tegra II processor. Motorola will soon be divided into two companies where the Motorola Mobility unit will exclusively take care of the cellphone division. Motorola Mobility will be overtaken by new CEO Sanjay Jha and as per the gossip hounds, Motorola Terminator is Sanjay’s dream project.

The development has been confirmed by the Motorola CEO as well as the NVIDIA CEO and you will get to know nothing more as Motorola has issued strict non-disclosure agreements. As far as the Verizon exclusivity with the Droid lineage is concerned, the upcoming Superphone will end it permanently.

It will be available over all major US carriers just like the Samsung Galaxy S while for Big Red, the only consolation will be the Terminator being its first 4G LTE compatible phone. And just because it is a dream project for Motorola, the pioneer of cellphone technology does not wish to rush the release. Therefore, we will not get to see this Superphone before the CES 2011.

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