HTC 7 Pro to be released in UK and Europe early 2011: Specs and Details inside!

October 12, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

If you thought that the US was exclusively getting HTC Pro 7, then you could not be more wrong. That’s right; the one WP7 slate that you believed would be for US market only is actually now available even in UK and rest of its European neighbors as well! The HTC 7 Pro has been officially announced today for UK and Europe.

Sporting a tilt-sliding QWERTY keyboard and compact 3.6-inch size, the HTC 7 Pro will be hitting stores across Europe somewhere early next year. The 7 Pro is indeed a device that should make Windows Phone 7 OS pretty proud both with its look and its feel.

While WP7 brings to HTC 7 Pro all the cool features that most other smartphones have also acquired like the multitude of games, social networking connection and maybe even that copy and paste feature somewhere down the line it stands out from the crowd as the ‘slate to watch out for’.

So all the guys in UK and across Europe must be loving this news, which begs the question: What did the US market get exclusively that would be something to gloat about?

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