Finding and Installing New Screen Savers in Windows 7

October 12, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Windows 7 comes with a great selection of screen savers – however as impressive as they are, the list is rather limited.

Of the included screen savers, Ribbons and Bubbles are probably the most popular, each providing remarkable effects; in fact they’re probably so good to watch that they can put you off working!

The reason why these two screen savers – Bubbles in particular – are so good is the way in which they take advantage of the new Windows 7 desktop user interface, Aero.

With its glass effect, Aero gives Windows a slick UI to rival that of Mac OS X. Bubbles takes advantage of this, offering shiny, colour-changing and realistic-looking bubbles.

Despite this restricted selection, other Windows 7 screen savers are available – you just have to know where to find them!

Find New Windows 7 Screen Savers

The lack of Windows 7 screen savers isn’t necessarily a bad thing – in fact it seems to have inspired amateur programmers to develop their own. These can easily be downloaded and installed on your Windows 7 PC or laptop and can offer a selection of slick, modern screen savers to rival Bubbles.

To get hold of these screen savers, you will usually need to download and install them. This might be done on an individual basis, or by downloading a group of screen savers with a single installer.

One such installer is available from, although note that in this case you will be required to sign-up to a prize draw or similar offer (see below) in order to get the otherwise free download.

This download provides a selection of screen savers, such as one offering a Matrix-style green stream of characters.

Other Windows 7 Screen Savers

Here’s a useful list of Windows 7 screen savers you might wish to try:

Free Fire Screensaver

Star Trek LCARS Screen Saver

Windows7 Theme Screen Saver

You will also find a good selection of Windows 7 screen savers via, a site where members submit various images for use in different ways.

Screen Saver Installers and Privacy

Free additional screen savers for Windows 7 are of course a good thing – however do be careful when installing them.

As we’ve seen above, some providers of screen savers or any other type of online resource are likely to want something in return, such as you signing up to some sort of offer to enter a prize draw for a new computer or a holiday, etc. These signups will benefit the website that you’re trying to download from, but they may not benefit you.

My personal tip for these sort of signups is to use a Hotmail or Gmail (or some similar web-based email account) that has an automatic junk email filter. Then you can sign-up and ignore any subsequent notifications.

Also, look out for screen saver installers attempting to add a toolbar to your browser – these days you cannot simply click Next all the way through to completion when installing software. Keep a close eye on what each stage of the installer is doing, and with any notifications for the installation of browser toolbars, untick all boxes!

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