Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition “Accidentally” Revealed by Amazon

October 12, 2010, By Christian Davis

It seems that Visceral Games is hoping on the amazingly cool Collectors Edition bandwagon. Thanks to Amazon making one of the coolest mistakes ever, we now have an image of the Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition.

See that above? Yes, I know. It is amazing. The horrifying game is going to give us nightmares as well as some cool collectible items.

Above it looks like it comes with the game(of course) in a metal case. Which is almost a standard for collectors edition game snow. At the far right, you’ll see what looks like some commemorative art which has people who are infected and turning into the blood thirsty Necromorphs. To the left of that you’ll see another disc and it looks like it could be the games soundtrack. And there’s also a Downloadable Content Card in the back which will probably be used for the Multiplayer.

And of course, you will be receive a Plasma Cutter to defend your house with. Much like Call of Duty’s RC car or Halo 3’s Master Chief helmet and even the God of War 3 Pandoras Box, this is going to be one of the coolest collectors edition’s out there.

Now the only issue is, I’m running out of shelf space for this.

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