25th Anniversary Super Mario Special Edition Nintendo DSi and Wii now come to Europe: Wait in US continues!

October 12, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

It almost seems like Nintendo has a grudge against US market for making Halo: Reach and with it Xbox 360 the hot new rage. Otherwise how do you explain that Japan got a special shining red edition of Wii to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Mario, now Europe is getting its own custom crafted DSi and Wii boxes while there is still no love for North America? Well, we say Nintendo has saved the best for the last!

A week after the announcement that Japan will be getting exclusively special edition Wii boxes to celebrate Mario’s 25 years in the gaming world, Europe will now apparently get to join in on the festivities as well.

Announced by Nintendo UK a DSi XL will be out by 22 October, which is Mario red and comes with special 25th Anniversary livery. Unlike Japan, a full copy of game “New Super Mario Bros” is included. The Wii though will have no such symbols and will be clad in all red and will also bring new WiiRemote Plus remotes, that includes the MotionPlus add-on integrated feature.

There will also be special Red Nunchuk and a copy of New Super Mario Bros Wii, the old standby copy of Wii Sports, as well as a virtual copy of the original Donkey Kong- the game that introduced Mario to the world. So when are we in US getting one? Hopefully Nintendo has something much more special planed for us…

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