Windows Phone 7 Event in NYC Roundup: HTC HD7, Samsung Omnia 7, LG Optimus 7, HTC 7 Mozart and More

October 11, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

It was one busy and exciting day for everyone who was attached with the Windows Phone 7 Live Event from NYC and a very rewarding day for all those who have been waiting for the OS to actually come out and bring with it loads of new models. It is safe to say that no one was left disappointed once Steve Ballmer was done with his presentation. Here is a round up of what all happened and some important highlights…

All the Windows Phone 7 devices have touchscreens of different sizes, but with 800 x 480 resolution, giving them uniformity. Windows Phone 7 comes loaded with games such as Tetris, The Sims 3, Monopoly and Need for Speed Undercover among many more. You also have apps for eBay, Fandango and Twitter among many other ones.

Depending on the carrier the media options vary with U-verse Mobile for AT&T users, T-Mobile TV for T-Mobile customers, Netflix, IMDb and Slacker among many other entertainment options included. On the mobile handsets side, there were handsets on offer from Dell, HTC, LG and Samsung that stole the show. Here is a list of mobiles that were released:

Dell Venue Pro: A 4.1-inch touchscreen device with a QWERTY keyboard coming at T-Mobile next month.

HTC HD 7: Coming at T-Mobile and various carriers in Europe including O2 who will get it as of October 21st. In the US the phone should released during the holidays season.

HTC 7 Mozart: Coming in Europe via Orange next month.

HTC 7 Trophy: Coming in Europe through Vodafone and others next month.

HTC 7 Pro: QWERTY device which will be offered by Sprint during the first half of 2011.

HTC 7 Surround: WP7 device with a sliding speaker. It’s going to be released during holidays 2010 via AT&T.

LG Optimus 7: Vodafone and others in Europe.

LG Quantum: QWERTY keyboard which will be released in the US courtesy of AT&T.

LG Optimus 7Q: European version of the Quantum.

Samsung Omnia 7: Set for Europe with same Super AMOLED screen as the Galaxy S devices.

Samsung Focus: US version of the Omnia 7. It’s coming at AT&T during this holiday season.

Like the line up? Or were you expecting a lot more? Is there something you feel is glaringly missing at the Windows Phone 7 Launch? Let us know for sure…

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