Verizon iPhone 4 (4G) Gets New Release Date; Could it be CDMA iPhone 4 or iPhone 5?

October 11, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Verizon wireless and iPhone have been bit of a hot combination off late and that is even before it is official that they are even a couple and that iPhone 4 on Verizon having a release date. But the latest rumours again indicate that the iPhone 4G on Verizon will be out very soon; maybe as early as January next year. So will it be a CDMA iPhone 4G or even iPhone 5 with CDMA?

For now reports are that Verizon is planning on indeed releasing that all important 4G CDMA and it will no doubt change the iPhone market panorama forever. It is of course not official, but with so many leaks from all different directions pointing to the same fact, it would be not all that far away from the truth.

Verizon have already announced that their 4G LTE in the first half of next year across 38 US cities and the fact that they are planning to maybe unveil six 4G handsets at CES all point towards an imminent announcement regarding that ‘much awaited’ Verizon iPhone.

This obviously is a blow to AT&T as they would lose their exclusivity and also the iPhone GSM market. But will it be iPhone 4G or iPhone 5? The jury is still out on that, but it does some tha January is the month that will change the iPhone landscape

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