Ubuntu 10.10 Gets Released and available for Free Download: New features along with Multitouch included!

October 11, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

It was not just Greenpois0n iOS 4 jailbreak that was supposed to come out on 10/10/10, but also Ubuntu 10.10 that was waiting for the day from much before. While the guys at Dev Team let us down, the folk at Ubuntu did nothing of that sort. Ubuntu 10.10 is out and now available.

Linux has been around for some time now and while Microsoft is no doubt the undisputed king when it comes to desktop OS, Ubuntu has been doing pretty well as well on the Linux format. Ubuntu is released completely free of charge and gives consumers a completely capable alternative to Mac OS X and Windows; a choice that they are pretty pleased with.

Ubuntu 10.10 is now available and free for download and it is obviously going out across the globe at a pretty fast pace. In the new set of features and upgrades offered by the OS the most noticeable ones would be Unity UI and Multitouch that make the latest version pretty sought-after.

So in case you do use Linux and are hooked to Ubuntu then do download the free Ubuntu 10.10 and let us know how it works for you

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