Microsoft AT&T Windows-Powered Phones Gear Up; Looks at Beating Apple

October 11, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft will be unveiling a new lineup of smartphones running Windows Phone 7 today. The new handsets, which will be initially available on AT&T’s network, are meant to pull back the market share from Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android system.

According to studies, Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, has just a 5 percent share of the global smartphone market. The company hopes that the new phones, from handset makers such as Samsung, LG and HTC, will help it to get back into the mobile market.

The new phones, which were shown off in prototype form, are similar in design to the iPhone. The handsets are having colorful touchscreens and are equipped with ’tiles’ for easy access to e-mail, the web, and various other applications. The handsets will be available from AT&T, but are not expected to hit stores for a month. So we will have to wait till next year to know the fate of the new phones.

It is expected that almost 270 million smartphones will be sold around the world this year, up 56 percent from last year. It is believed that this attempt to get back into the market will be the company’s last chance to catch up with rivals.

Earlier this year, we saw the failure of the Kin phone from Microsoft. The phone, which was aimed at teenagers, was removed from the market less than three months after launch. Although it is expected that the new phones might become a great challenge for the iPhone, there are still no signs of a Windows-powered tablet device to rival Apple’s most popular iPad.

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