Meizu M8 Forced to Stop Selling; Apple Says iPhone Lookalike Stole Their Ideas

October 11, 2010, By Atul Roach

There are numerous smartphone manufacturers in China which take great pride in their Apple iPhone like smartphones and one in particular is pretty successful sales wise. The manufacturer is called Meizu and the particular model which sells very successfully is M8-some say the Meizu M8 is the most successful mobile phone in China. Well, the fact of the matter is that Apple has been able to halt the production and freeze the sales of the Meizu M8 legally, claiming that this phone infringes on a number of Apple patents.

The development has also been confirmed by the company’s CEO J. Wong who states that the M8 production has been suspended beacuse of patent infringement. This development comes as a major victory for Apple as Meizu has been producing smartphones with the Apple iPhone look and feel for a number of years.

CEO J. Wong did confirm the development, but at the same time, he was extremely frustrated over the Cupertino lawyers using “unreasonable negotiation tactics” when dealing with Meizu. Wong is now worried about the future of his company’s M9 smartphone which too could be infringing similar patents.

You do feel sympathetic for J.Wong and his outfit, but in all fairness, the Chinese copycats need to be taught a lesson and I am afraid that it can only be done the hard way.

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