Halo: Cryptum Novel by Greg Bear Launching in January

October 11, 2010, By Christian Davis

Halo: Cryptum is the first novel in a trilogy that is supposed to explain the Forerunners.  Does it sound like you’ve heard this before? Yes you have. It was originally announced in 2009 and will be written by the acclaimed science fiction writer Greg Bear.

The Forerunners is a species that is responsible for everything we’ve experienced in the Halo games. It’s easily one of the prettiest book covers(shown below) that have been based on the Halo series. If you’re not the person who’s into reading, there will also be an audio book available on the same day.

The Halo books are great ways to find information about the games universe. Explaining the motives of the Covenant, origins of the Flood seen in the first game, Halo: Combat evolved, and a bunch of other information.

Definitely check this book out when it’s released early next year.

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