Fallout: New Vegas The White Glove Society Mission, Beyond the Beef

October 11, 2010, By Christian Davis

What’s said to be Fallout’s darkest quest ever, the White Glove Society mission has you frame a father who’s looking for his disrespectful, rude son.

Obsisdian’s designer, Eric Fenstermaker, walks Morgan Webb through one of the missions in the highly anticipated title, Fallout New Vegas. Your character has befriended someone in the White Glove Society, who are a high class group of tuxedo wearing people who believe they are better than everyone else.

The mission title is called “Beyond the Beef” which is a play on words. The father of the son, wants to lower the prices of beef so that it’s affordable for all. The White Glove Society does not approve of it and wants him out of their way.

Fallout: New Vegas is looks like a much darker path in the franchise and that doesn’t hinder the game at all. Check out the video below.

PS3 Games – E3 2011 – Fallout: New Vegas
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