Dell Venue Pro aka Lighting Specs, Availability, Prices; Now Official with Windows Phone 7 On Board

October 11, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

On with the show as the ball keeps rolling quickly ate the Windows Phone 7 launch in NYC and as Steve Ballmer continues giving us gift after gift (though not for free!), it is time to look at the long-awaited Dell Lighting, or Dell Venue Pro from now on. This is what the Lighting will be now called as it will be out on T-Mobile in US market.

AMOLED-equipped Windows Phone 7 from DELL has finally become official and its specs are sure to make it a head-turner as you carry it through a crowd. Carrying with it 1GHz Snapdragon chip along with the 5 megapixel camera, Dell will now very quickly give out the complete details and exactly how much this beauty would cost. Expect those details very, very soon now.

The QWERTY sliding keypad along with its multitude of features will make it a stand out in the T-Mobile lineup and a definite asset for Windows Phone 7 OS itself. Do not expect it to come cheap though when it does hit stores come year end.

So how do you like the Dell Venue Pro? Tell us your favorite so far at Windows Phone 7 LaunchJoin our continued coverage and leave a comment as you stand a chance to win an iPhone 4 from Devicemag

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