Cyanogen says T-Mobile G2 Rooting Failure is a unfixed bug and not a built-in safety mechanism

October 11, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

T-Mobile and HTC just cannot stay out of news for the last couple of weeks; even if they wanted to. We thought all was well when the rooting of G2 came out, and then there was the rebooting problem and then T-Mobile’s explanation that it was an in-built security feature that was the reason for the rooting failure. But now Cyanogen comes out to say that T-Mobile is pulling off a major coupe as the reason for ‘root fail’ is actually a bug in the G2 that was never fixed by the firm!

Cyanogen claims that T-Mobile and HTC are just pulling off a hoax as the G2 comes with an in-built bug that they failed to fix in the manufacturing stage and the whole ‘security-feature’ is an excuse to cover up a bug they refuse to fix.

Cyanogen says that the glitch is actually a ‘NAND Lock with a bug’ and nothing as complicated as T-Mobile is making one believe. Maybe that explains why T-Mobile so ‘genuinely apologetic’ for the error in the place. Maybe it was not ‘understanding the need for unlocking mobiles’ but just an attempt to try and cover up a mistake!

So has Cyanogen actually revealed a well-kept blunder? Or have HTC and T-Mobile actually found a security system that keeps us from unlocking mobiles? What do you think? No matter what the reason does this make T-Mobile G2 less appealing?

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