Angry Birds Spotted on Windows Phone 7, Release Date Soon Although Not Confirmed by Roveo Yet

October 11, 2010, By Atul Roach

Angry Birds is out to please the mobile gamers from every fraternity be it, iOS, Android and even the unreleased Windows Phone 7. The irony in the case of Windows Phone 7 though is that Microsoft has never gone ahead and taken permission from the game developer Roveo. Roveo Mobile is obviously complaining as this is one of the most popular game for the game developer, and it is utterly surprised with this step from Microsoft.

There is surely no doubt that Windows Phone 7 gaming section has the Roveo Mobile Angry Birds listed and just in case you doubted it, the snapshot above is good enough for clarification. Roveo has even mentioned on its Twitter account that it is not committed to bringing the game to WP7and the icon reflected in the Microsoft marketing snapshot is totally without Roveo’s consent.

The next time you hit the Microsoft website looking to know more about WP7, you will not find this Angry Birds logo there as MSFT has pulled it down, but it still does not explain why MSFT had it there in the first place.

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