How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

October 10, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. You may already have an account, and have seen how people interact with each other and seemingly with celebrities, movies, pop stars and other things they’re interested in.

This is done by means of the Facebook fan page. Fan pages are a great way to build a community around a particular subject, topic or website, and can be setup for free.

To get started, login to your Facebook account – if you don’t have one, go straight to and sign-up.  Once you have done this, you will be able to create a fan page.

Creating a Fan Page on Facebook

When you’re logged into Facebook, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Advertising. On the next page, find the Pages link on the left-hand column.

This will take you to the Pages admin screen – find the link to Create Page in order to continue.

Here you will give you page a name, and decide whether it should be a Community Page or an Official Page for a business, brand or artist. If you choose the latter, you will need to declare yourself as an official representative. This is in order to prevent fraudulent use of a copyrighted brand, intellectual property or identity fraud. As an official representative, you will be asked to confirm the creation of the page. Once this is done, your page is created!

Further Options for your Facebook Fan Page

Once setup, you will be able to set a variety of options for your newly created Facebook page. Add events, links, notes, video clips and photos, as well as a discussion board for fans of the page to chat about various topics.

Under the Settings section, you can also specify age and country restrictions – useful if you are managing the fan page for an adult comedian, for instance – while in the section labelled Admins you will see yourself listed. New administrators can be added to assist with the management of the fan page.

The big draw on this page however is the Promote Your Page link at the top – this will take you to the Facebook adverts page, where you can create an advertising campaign to promote your fan page, the subject of the page, a product they have produced, or all three! You can target ads on Facebook at particular people, based on the things they post about and have listed in their profiles.

Once you’re happy with the page, it’s time to press the Publish my page link – and start letting people know about it!

How to Delete a Facebook Fan Page

If you have decided to remove your fan page or don’t want it to be visible yet, you have two choices:

Delete Facebook fan page – go to the Pages admin screen, and select Edit Page. Under the page title, select Delete Page to remove the page permanently from Facebook. Note that this step cannot be undone.

Published status – in the Pages admin screen, go to Edit Page and under the Settings section click Edit. Several options can be set here, in particular the Published status. If you wish to hide the page, choose Unpublished (only visible to administrators).

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