Marvel vs Capcom 3’s Magneto and MODOK Videos Shown at New York Comic Con

October 9, 2010, By Christian Davis

With the announcement of four new characters for Marvel vs Capcom 3(Magneto, MODOK, Arthur, and Spencer) we now have the videos of MODOK and Magento duking it out.

The biggest question I have is how MODOK was going to fight. He’s a fat guy floating in a chair. If you don’t know what MODOK stands for it’s Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. Easily one of the best names for a Marvel character. He’s slower, but seems to be very powerful.

Magneto is making a welcome return and he’s a deadly, deadly character. Those who liked how he played in Marvel vs Capcom 2, will not be disappointed at all. He still looks very easy to preform combos with, he’s just as strong, and is still one of th fastest characters.

Here are the videos below. MODOK has  a very, very interesting play style. He even has an ultra that is a 98 hit combo that is unbelievably strong. Magneto has got cool new move that wraps the other character in this purple energy and explodes as well as his classic low kick to super combo.

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