Verizon Wireless to have a virtual ‘interactive launch’ of BlackBerry 6 on October 14: Release soon!

October 8, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

RIM have once again found an intriguing new way to bring out a Blackberry and this time it will be ‘interactive launch’ of the Blackberry 6 that is most certainly going to be a ‘virtual’ affair with probably future plans being revealed and most importantly a concrete release date being offered.

Do not expect though any release of the actual BlackBerry 6 Operating System on October 14 as the invitation seems more like a step to get attention, build up hype and create some buzz before the actual release takes place. The invitations have been already dispatched and expect quite a lot of buzz around the event when the day arrives.

So what exactly does BlackBerry promise on 14 October? Honestly, nothing at all. Just be there to find out. We of course will not only be around that day to report between that 10 AM -3 PM timeslot, but also will surely get around a few more details before the actual event itself.

You can almost sense the excitement in ‘BlackBerry Boys’. So stay tuned for updates on this…

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