Verizon Launching Six 4G phones at CES: Will iPhone 4 be one of them?

October 8, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

What we do know for sure is that Verizon will be launching its LTE Network across 38 US cities in the first half of 2011. But what will exactly Verizon unveil at CES, since the event lies so early in the calendar year? Despite the possible long gap between the ready LTE Network and the event Verizon is believed to be rolling out six 4G mobile phones at CES. So is iPhone 4 going to steal the spotlight?

It is now only a matter of ‘when’ before iPhone 4 rolls out on Verizon and some reports recently have surfaced indicating a January release of the mobile. That pretty conveniently falls close enough to CES 2011 that takes place between January 6 – 9. Verizon president and COO Lowell McAdam has indicated that the company has as many as 6 4G handsets ready to be released at the event.

We already know long ago that Verizon’s CES keynote speaker would be CEO Ivan Seidenberg and while he has yet to disclose anything (now will eh anytime soon), it just seems that all the Verizon-iPhone 4 rumors somehow seem to be culminating at CES 2011. So will it happen?

For now e surely are hoping that the mega event will see the arrival of iPhone 4 on Verizon finally and will give a new direction to both Apple and its consumers. So would you like to see Verizon iPhone 4 at CES 2011?

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