T-Mobile G2 Rooting Not Allowed by HTC: T-Mobile Genuinely Apologetic

October 8, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

When XDA developers told us a few days back that they had rooted T-Mobile G2 successfully and the only problem was that it restore the un-rooted Android software on restart each time, then we thought that it was going to be a minor glitch that would get solved soon. Well, apparently not as the guys at XDA went straight to T-Mobile wanting a solution and T-Mobile gave them a pretty clear reply- There is nothing one can do about it!

So that pretty much puts a dampener on the entire process but what is pretty refreshing to see is the way T-Mobile responded to the query. The company said that it was a security measure installed in G2 by HTC that led to the problem and while they could do nothing about it right now, they understood the needs of some of its consumers and the need for rooting.

Refreshing this is because T-Mobile, unlike say AT&T, seemed to identify ‘rooting’ as something that benefits select portion of its customers and seemed even a tad bit apologetic that G2 could not be rooted. They could have so easily ignored the XDA team request or even gone on with a tirade against ‘rooting handsets’ like AT&T.

Well, kudos for that and hopefully in future we will not have any such issues. here is a part of T-Mobile’s reply:

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