Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tablet Releases November 14 for $399?

October 8, 2010, By Atul Roach

Of all the major carriers in the US, it is Sprint which will probably take the veil of the 7-inch version of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet first and that ‘might’ happen as soon as November 14. Alright now there is no official confirmation from either Samsung or Sprint, but it is a Sprint snitch who is confirming this as the official release date.

Samsung has been pretty hesitant in talking about even the estimated price of the Galaxy Tablet ever since the Tablet first broke cover at IFA 2010, but the snitch has come to our rescue even on this front.

The insider has confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Tablet will cost $399 with a two-year agreement in place. Just in case you are curious to know the full retail price (where the contract is not involved), you will end up paying $599. Agreed that this information cannot be fully relied upon, we still feel great for the fact that an estimated price can now be quoted every time we talk about the Galaxy Tablet.

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