Samsung officially releases Wave 575 Bada OS Smartphone along with the re-launch of Wave 525 & Wave 533

October 8, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

All this official and unofficial leaks, releases, re-launches and Wave after Wave from Samsung when it comes to its new line of Smartphones is getting a bit confusing for the not-so-aware mobile buyer. But still the news is that Samsung ahs just announced the release of Wave 575 operating on Bada OS. This was along with the ‘re-launch of Wave 525 and Wave 533’ (Yup, re-launch means reminding us that they still exist!)

To be very honest Wave 575 is not all that different from 525 and 533 in its look and size as all of them sport a 3.2-inc touchscreen and are pretty similar in hardware. The difference maker for 575 is the G HSDPA support, while Wave 525 and 533 have only quad-band GSM/EDGE support.

Wave 575 runs on Samsung’s Bada OS with the TouchWiz user interface and also has Samsung Apps support along with other features that are more or less mandatory these days. While we do not know Wave 575 price tag as of yet we do know that 525 and 533 are both selling for €299 in Germany currently.

In short all Samsung wants to say is: Forget about the 525 and 533 and buy the new Wave 575… Well, okay, so that is what we are saying. What do you think?

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