RIM BlackBerry Storm 3 (Storm II Upgrade) Dumped

October 8, 2010, By Atul Roach

It is now that the world should comprehend why Big Red canceled the release of BlackBerry Storm III on its network at the beginning of this month. When VZW took the step, no one could have guessed RIM is dumping the Storm II upgrade dubbed the Storm III. Indeed, the best of experts started hoping that it will be some other carrier which will announce Storm III. In the UK, Vodafone was the probable carrier which was to announce Storm III

Anyway the fact of the matter is that the Storm III has been canned by RIM and the reason for this development cannot be anticipated at this point in time. The source propagating this belief is Blackberry Leaks as their insider has received a message from RIM which confirms the Storm III shelving.

The message he received stated:

Thank you for your hard work and diligence in preparing your application to support the upcoming hardware refresh of the BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone (model number 9570, codename R027). Regrettably, RIM has decided not to pursue this device further and has ended the program.

However, rest assured that you will have the opportunity to leverage the work you’ve put in thus far in preparing for the new OS, as BlackBerry 6 will be making its way to more Verizon products in the near future, including the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and the BlackBerry Curve 9330.

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