Nokia N8 Review: Best Nokia Smartphone to Date, But Not Really an iPhone Killer

October 8, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Nokia N8 Symbian^3 flagship smartphone has manged to make it to the UK markets and the assessments are already out. Those who’ve got a chance to lay their hands on it are confirming the N8 to be the best ever Nokia smartphone until date. Yes it does not come with a 1GHz processing option, but its 680MHz ARM11 processor speed is still good enough to handle Symbian^3.

Drawing direct comparison with the speedier Android smartphones or the iPhones is obviously a temptation, but we insist you focus on it as a Nokia smartphone which is indicative of the improvements in place. One such improvemnet is the touchscreen technology which is drastically better compared to the previous Nokia smartphones.

One feature where the Nokia N8 is a standout is its 12 -megapixel camera which clicks better pictures than any of the other competing smartphones in the market. Again, Nokia N8 is also a great smartphone when you talk about its battery life and that is probably one reason why Nokia may have compromised to integrated a slower processor.

These are a few areas where Nokia N8 manages to do well, but it is important to remember that the Finnish giant has to work much harder to match the smartphone standards set by Apple. As far as N8 is concerned, it isn’t your iPhone killer as the OS lets you down and so does the pricing.

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