Magneto, Spencer, Arthur, and MODOK Announced for Marvel vs Capcom 3 at New York Comic Con

October 8, 2010, By Christian Davis

This is something that nobody expected to be there. Magneto was almost a shoe-in, but the other three are really obscure and came way out of left field. New York Comic-Con delivers with some great Marvel vs Capcom 3 news.

We have the returning favorite, Magneto. Great for combos and very powerful. Now we have Spencer from the latest Bionic Commando, Arthur from Ghost n’Goblins and MODOK from the Marvel Universe. Anyone who says “I had a feeling they’d be in the game” is lying right to your face.

Capcom has been releasing characters that are more obscure then we’d expect and they are sticking to that. MODOK is a complete surprise as well and his plays style will be very interesting to say the least. Don’t go thinking that they may not fit in the game however. Below, we have videos for Spencer and Arthur kicking some butt and they look deadly.

Spencer has his Bionic Arm that can have him zip-line closer to the enemy(like in the game) and that can lead to some great combos. Arthur is fast and agile and seems to be an easy character to pick up and go. He even goes into his underwear after using one of his special attacks.

Check out the videos and various art below.

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