Google gives a heart-warming Doodle tribute to John Lennon on his 70th Birthday (Video inside)

October 8, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

The guys at Liverpool will be filled with joy, moist eyes and even a drop of tear or two might roll out when you mention the Beatles and more importantly John Lennon. Today is his 70th birthday and Google in its own simple, yet highly effective way shows its love for this musical maestro with a very special Doodle on its page.

You can find the Doodle sitting right there on the Google and if you are in UK and have not got it yet, or maybe in some other countries across the globe, just try the Google America page. Right next to the Doodle is a red ‘play’ button that takes you to a Youtube video, which is a 32-second clip of animation, featuring Lennon’s cartoon mock up of himself, with Imagine being played in the background.

The whole thing has been done with such class that you cannot but appreciate Google once again for being in tune with what people might want and love. Once you finished watching the video you get an automatic search result page for ‘John Lennon’.

Well, everyone in UK, Liverpool and of course all the Beatles fans across the planet will never forget October 9th. But now even the casual fan and everyone who ever uses the internet will also for a moment remember the genius that was John Lennon thanks to Google- Really well done guys!

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