Firefox Mobile 4 Beta for Android and Maemo now out for Free Download (Find the link in here!)

October 8, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Okay, so we do know that people out there are smart enough to find something as simple as the download link of the latest Firefox 4 Beta for mobiles on their own, but for the sake of not troubling our readers we have it right here. Anyway, the news is that Firefox Mobile 4 Beta is now available for Android and Maemo, allowing you to carry your favorite internet browser on your smartphones.

While the latest mobiles allow you to browse the web world as conveniently and as quickly as your traditional PC, the problem is not so much with connectivity but a choice of web browsers. For instance Apple has ensured that exclusivity remains on its iPhone with Safari Mobile ruling the app store.

But with the Android platform there just seems to be a lot more choice and the latest browser release of Firefox for Android and Maemo gives users ease of browsing and that ‘Firefox familiarity’ that they are addicted to. Bringing features such as tabbed browsing, smart tapping for zoom-in and zoom-out capabilities, sending emails and of course social networking such as Twitter and Facebook, the latest browser from Firefox has it all.

You can Download Firefox Mobile 4 Beta Right Here. So, have you tried it? Did it make your life easier? Have any glitches? Shout out…

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