World Premier of ‘Captain America: Super Soldier’ video game trailer: SEGA gives us the first look!

October 7, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

The guy sporting red, white and blue in stripes and stars and ‘the man with the shield’ is finally making his way into the gaming domain and SEGA’s latest ‘ultimate American superhero’ version has both young and old excited alike. That’s right folks, ‘Captain America: Super Soldier’ is set to hit the stores soon and we have its first ever trailer…

Created by Marvel Comics long ago, Captain America has survived decades of political change, has seen off enemies that vary from Nazis during WW II to Russians during cold war to the latest crisis in the Middle East. He has been everywhere, from action figures to cereal boxes and now he comes into the gaming boxes and consoles.

All fun apart though, the video game is sure set to create some buzz despite current hot titles like Halo: Reach as it is just one of those things that is inbuilt into American culture. We just love our brave heroes who fight battles on toughest terrains so that our politicians don’t lose face back home.

It will be interesting to see what SEGA has in store for us when the full game arrives, but till then enjoy the little glimpse we have for you. Watch, feel proud, salute and then get ready to play the game…

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