Windows 7 Tablets Arriving at the End of 2010, Steve Ballmer Confirms

October 7, 2010, By Atul Roach

Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer was recently addressing an audience at the London School of Economics and the most interesting part of his speech was Windows 7 tablets. Ballmer mentioned that the tablets powered by the ‘best ever’ Microsoft OS will be seen this Christmas. It is confusing whether these tablets would be merely announced or retailed in the holiday season and Ballmer’s statement doesn’t clarify this doubt

Ballmer did sound confident about the tablet development, but again, there is no clarification as to who will eventually end up manufacturing Windows 7 slates or tablets. Windows 7 has been touted for its impressive tablet capabilities, but no manufacturer until date has announced a Windows 7 tablet.

HP was in the thick of things for a while, but it is now clear that HP is coming out with its PalmPad which is based on the webOS and not Windows 7. In such a situation, Acer is the only probability, but it is being rumored that Acer is coming up with an Android Gingerbread (version 3.0) tablet as well.

As far as the big launch from the tablet segment is concerned, the only serious gadget that people are now awaiting is the Galaxy Tablet from Samsung. Anyone awaiting a Windows 7 tablet?

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