T-Mobile G2 Comes With a Built-In Lock, Self Repairs if Rooted

October 7, 2010, By Atul Roach

There is some real bad news for you root lovers who have made the ‘mistake’ of buying the T-Mobile G2 as the smartphone comes with a self-repair mechanism if rooted. In the most simplest of terms, it implies that if you root the G2, the handset will still return to its stock state courtesy of a built-in lock mechanism that repairs the root.

And just in case you are in the mood to debunk this report, you will have to believe it for even the guys over XDA could not manage the root. The guys who love to root their devices to get more control and flexibility than the stock version is offering them will therefore come to hate this handset.

If an unhackable OS is what they want, why not go for an iOS laden iPhone than Android, which has been praised over time for its open source nature. This purely looks an attempt from T-Mobile to protect its investment. We can understand T-Mobile’s stance for a moment, but that still shouldn’t come at the cost of the freedom Android otherwise offers.

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