Star Wars The Force II Unleashed Demo Slated to Hit PSN and XBLA Next Week

October 7, 2010, By Atul Roach

We first heard of this Lucas Arts developed game in December 2009 when the first trailers appeared on line and at that time, it was mentioned that the official launch will happen this year. We are now getting closer and closer to that official launch and in between comes the news of The Force II Unleashed Demo slated to hit the Play Station Network and the XboX Live Arcade next week.

The Demo will go public on October 12th which implies that the gamers will get plenty of time to get acclimatised to the requisite light saber skills before the full version release on October 26.

Lucas Arts has already mentioned that the demo takes place in the cloning facility on the planet Kamino, which is the first level of the game. Gamers will get to witness Starkiller’s new dual-saber fighting style, along with the new Mind Trick power.

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