Nintendo Wii glows red to celebrate Super Mario’s 25th anniversary: Collector’s Edition indeed!

October 7, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

For all those across the Pacific who really feel that they would love to bring home this ultra-special red delight and add it to their gaming collection, you might be left a tad bit disappointed. This is the way Nintendo wishes to celebrate Mario’s 25th birthday- a very special edition of the Wii with loads of goodies attached and exclusively available only in Japan!

One need not be disappointed though about the all-Japan love of Nintendo as you could just ask someone you know from the there to purchase and ship it. Tough task, but we know there are enough Mario addicts in US who would go to any extent to get this 25th anniversary special. The beautifully red version above comes with Wii Remote Plus controllers which can do MotionPlus tracking without the additional appendage and with a similar nunchuck.

Also coming in this celebration box is preloaded copy of Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Edition. Yup, the very special game comes pre-installed and this entire package can be yours for just $241; which does not seem much considering its grand look and very special significance. Arriving on November 11 this is a must have for every ‘Mario Maniac’. So in case you bring one home do let us know how exactly it feels…

Just check out the cool snap shot of the pre-loaded Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Edition… Super Cool indeed!

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