LG Optimus T and T Mobile myTouch first look: Intial Review

October 7, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Here is the first hands-on look at two mobiles that have just been unboxed and initial tested- the LG Optimus T (aka LG Optimus S) that is now out on T-Mobile and T-Mobile myTouch. Here is a brief yet comprehensive look at both of them and since we value the time of our readers we have decided to offer the early review of both T-Mobile handsets together in a nut shell!

LG Optimus T:

Starting off with the Optimus (there is just something special about these mythological names that makes the catchy), looks solid and despite its lack of dedicated camera and voice buttons, appears as good as Optimus S. Sporting a 3.2-inch touchscreen Optimus T comes enabled with mobile hotspot and Wifi calling along with good old FM radio capabilities.

While the Sprint version does seem better with convenient keys and overall quality, expect Optimus T to still carry the same price tag as the one out on Sprint!

T-Mobile myTouch:

Sporting a front-facing camera, optical trackpad and Genius button along with a big shutter button for camera at the back, T-Mobile myTouch seems solid and stylish with its ‘pitch dark’ approach. Other than this the mobile looks pretty much same as what has been expected and while the actual handset would be out very soon and should give a further picture of what lies inside, for now myTouch looks classic in all-black and all-white versions.

So which of the two handsets has attracted you at first look as a T-Mobile customer?

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