iPhone 5 could hit stores as early as January 2011 and come in 2 different sizes: iPhone 4 evolved!

October 7, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

So what exactly will iPhone 5 look like? When will the next version of iPhone-mania hit the stores and what does exactly Apple have in store for all of us with the next step in iPhone evolution? These are the million dollar question right now and we might just have the answers based on substantial early news that is being leaked out and of course some good old speculation that is both sane and grounded in facts. So here are the answers…

When will iPhone 5 hit the stores?

Tradition says late summer, that is somewhere in July that a new iPhone device is on offer and this time could be no different. But latest reports indicate that it could be as early as January 2011. Now while we all would love that, still June-July deadline might be more realistic as nobody wants to see a problem-ridden iPhone 5; least of all Apple themselves! Despite the slight antenna problems that iPhone 4 might have, Apple will not rush on the next version just to correct that

Verdict: June-July 2011 release (Despite all the hoopla about January)

What would be iPhone 5 specs?

One thing that has been a talking point is the possibility of Apple including Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that might allow you to use your iPhone as debit/credit card. This might finally be available in iPhone 5. Qualcomm chips are something also of a talking point as they might replace Infineon allowing probably CDMA capabilities. Then there is the Obvious LTE support for faster net usage. Beyond expect iPhone 5 to be the next progressive step from iPhone 4 and not something radically different.

iPhone 5 on Verizon:

This is now considered almost certain and now Apple might roll out two slightly different iPhones for AT&T and Verizon from iPhone 5.

2 new iPhone 5 models in 2 different sizes:

This is the new big talking point. To compete with the growing Android market Apple might roll out iPhones in two different sizes for the very first time- One smaller than the current iPhone 4 and second larger than the current iPhone. So you will have two iPhones with one sporting screen smaller than 3.5-inch iPhone 4 screen and the other considerably larger.
Like the tentative look of iPhone 5? Beg to differ? Have radical suggestions or something you would love to see iPhone sport? Let us know with your comments… Hopefully Apple will listen!

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