HTML 5 Not Ready for the Web, W3C States Interoperability Issues

October 7, 2010, By Atul Roach

The biggest names from the world of technology and the web might not be tired of singing praises for the HTML 5 (still under development), but World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is of the opinion that HTML5 is not yet ready for the web. As per W3C, there is understandably a lot of excitement for HTML5, but it’s a little too early to deploy it on the web because of the interoperability issues.

The problem appears a little too daunting, when using HTML5 for video content. Also, different devices as well as different browsers aren’t handling HTML5 consistently, which is again a major concern.

It is because of these issues that W3C believes HTML5 is not yet ready for production and hence it is under prepared to invade the web for the moment. This is despite the fact that the developers speak very highly of HTML5 and they love showcasing the tricks they can put on show using the same.

As per W3C HTML 5, plug-ins like Flash and Microsoft Silverlight will have to be relied upon for a couple of more years after which HTML5 will certainly take over.

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