Hot new Apple 11.6-inch Macbook Air 2010 release date expected any day now!

October 7, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

If you are looking around for a new MacBook Air and do not really mind hanging around just a bit longer, then we suggest that you hold on as Apple seems all set to release the latest edition of the 11.6-inch MacBook Air.

Going by the way things stand currently in the MacBook selling arena with retailers such as Amazon, MacMall and MacConnection having all sold out the low-end 1.83GHz MacBook Air model, it seems imminent that apple is cleaning up the shelves so that it can unleash the new model on to the market.

All these are direct retailers of Apple product and they have further stated that stock of the low-end model listed above won’t be available until Oct 12-16 at the earliest. That surely indicates that the release date of the model itself is not very far away and one could expect an official announcement from Apple in this regard very soon indeed.

So in case you have the cash to throw around and the patience to hang around, then we firmly suggest you wait and take a look at the latest MacBook Air before going elsewhere… Till, then stay tuned and we will let you know the moment it is out in stores.

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