Garmin-Asus Android Smartphones Getting Ready for Roll Out; Upcoming Couple of Phones Bank on A10 Success

October 7, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The successful launch of its A10 smartphones seems to have spurred Garmin-Asus to look at the next device. The company is now said to be readying new Android-powered handsets, and it plans go as per schedule, we may get to taste a couple of Android devices by the end of 2010. These phones are expected to hit the Taiwan handset mart initially.

Meanwhile, it has been rumored that the company will not launch any Windows Phone 7 smartphone, at least till the end of the opening quarter of 2011. From what we get to learn, new Windows Phone 7 handsets might be brought forth after Garmin-Asus’ latest batch of Android devices hit the market.  This could also mean that the company would not roll out a phone based on Microsoft OS any time now.

Garmin-Asus has had a fair amount of success with its A10 smartphones, with sales skyrocketing to 3,500 units in September. The number is expected to be around 3,000 units in October too. The A10 device (pictured) will also be taken to potential markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Eastern Europe in a short while.

The success of A10 is also pepping up the company’s confidence in Taiwan, and it is in the process of bringing to the market a new improved version of the device with an EasyCard from Taipei Smart Card Corporation integrated into it. This feature is being lined up so as to help customers use their A10 handsets  to pay public transport fares and shop at select stores.

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