Apple’ s 11.6-Inch MacBook Air Rumors Surface Again, Is Apple Readying a Netbook Sized MacBook?

October 7, 2010, By Atul Roach

Is Apple readying the 11.6-inch MacBook in its ranks? The talks of the MacBook which can directly be compared to our modern day netbook have started to gain more weight in the recent times as the current generation MacBook Air (both high and low end) has started to run out of stock. The inventory running out of stock isn’t a shocker to begin with as the online retailers selling both versions of the MacBook Air did intimate buyers about the inventory running low and hence the need of making the purchase on an urgent note.

Another reason why the 11.6-inch options rumors have gained frequency in the recent times is that big time retailers like Best Buy and Amazon are reporting that Apple is withholding the supply of additional notebooks until October 12.

Such delays are predictably indicative of Mac preparing for a complete product line makeover, where the 11.6″ MacBook will be the flagship model. Apple is arguably ruling the tablet market, but that seemingly doesn’t satiate the Cupertino based giant which now has its eyes set on the netbook segment.

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