Sony PSP2 release date seems set for Christmas 2011: Gaming world continues its wait!

October 6, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

In what is no doubt the most anticipated piece of news that could soon hit the gaming domain is the official statement on the release date of PSP2 and exactly what goodies it will come with when it does indeed hit shelves. So this latest piece of news is indeed huge as sources indicate a 2011 Christmas release for the PSP2 handheld and that seems more believable than ever before.

Unless Sony themselves come out and categorically deny the date (which seems unlikely) it would be safe to assume that the news doing rounds indeed is rather true. After many such earlier rumours on if indeed a PSP2 is in work, we now do know that it is surely on its way and a pre-festive season next year seems both possible and profitable!

Sony will be planning this endlessly as such a release will give them both time to fine tune PSP2 and also help elevate it further when it comes to initial sales with all the shopping hoopla surrounding festive sales. Reports also state that PSP2 will have dual camera with one in the front, making it almost certain that it will have phone features and also added will be touchscreen controls at the back.

Now with all the hype we just hope PSP2 will live up to its billing. What do you think?

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