LG E900 official press release pictures leaked: Optimus 7 revealed!

October 6, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Who does not love an early sneak peek into a gadget that is still away from being officially released… We all do. But when we know everything that already needs to be known about the device (or at least almost) even before it is out there then it just does away with the sense of excitement that comes attached. LG E900, otherwise called Optimus 7 really is one such case.

It seems that most handsets that are coming out on Windows Phone 7 OS already are revealing a lot more about themselves and the OS than probably to the liking of bosses at Microsoft. The LG E900 has already been videoed, pictured, and handled and now has even the ‘official’ snaps meant for press release leaked. We know it is hard keeping wraps in this internet age, but this just seems to be something done purposefully by LG!

It just seems that LG is trying to keep itself and its handset relevant in public eye with the leaks as competition is indeed huge post October in the WinPho 7 powered smartphone market. Let’s just hope it actually performs decently well enough when it finally ‘officially’ hits the stores… The image looks crisp and clean though!


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